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What makes Anatomize AI so good?

In House AI Experts

Let our Ex-Apple employees take care of your AI with our specialist AI team. All of our AI and ML training is done in house by highly skilled engineers.

Extremely Optimized AI

Our AI has been stress tested and used in even the toughest healthcare markets with strict privacy laws while still performing the necessary task. You can trust our AI in your product.


Need a quick and effective AI implementation? We'll use custom tuned 3rd party plugins for instant results.
Or, go completely custom for a product NONE of your competitors will have.

our AI Case Studies

Advanced digital signing technology purpose built for the automotive industry.
A platform to revolutionize towing from the ground up.
AI Driven Dispatching Technology.

Don't get left behind.

Embrace AI for strategic business opportunities.
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of organizations recognize that AI gives companies a strategic advantage.


of companies across various industries are exploring the strategic advantages of AI and plan to adopt it by 2025.


are conducting feasibility studies or developing MVPs to assess AI's applicability.


of companies have already adopted AI in their products.
Try working with our team starting at only $5k.
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Industries we build AI solutions for


Push your company to the cutting edge of what's technologically possible in the healthcare industry while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

  • AI note taking with PHI and HIPAA compliance
  • Healthcare AI assistants
  • AI Patient scheduling


Optimize your fintech product with custom AI applications to provide custom insights and real time value.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Algorithmic trading strategies


Make sure your business is running at peak efficiency. Integrate AI with sensors, cameras, logistics platforms, and more to decrease costs and drive efficiency while creating value for your business.

  • IOT device ready
  • Movement tracing, thermal camera tracking, document processing, and more


AI powered document signing, reading, explaining, and understanding. Predictive maintenance applications. Use sensors and cameras to track and evaluate fleet conditions.

  • Powerful AI models
  • User friendly interactions with AI powered insights and data

Completely Custom

Looking for AI technology that doesn't neatly fit into any solutions above? Our team has the experience and technical staff to build your custom solution the right way.

  • AI powered assistants, insights, plugins, document processing, and more
  • Software vulnerability testing and highest standard cybersecurity practices

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Consult with our Ex-Apple CTO to start your AI journey today.

Client Reviews


Our clients are raving about us online. Read for yourself!

"They have been great to work with. They provided consistent and meaningful updates on the development of the product, while keeping us well-informed as we hit major and minor milestones. The team at AnatomizeTech has been readily available as we've had questions/concerns and have made sure that we felt confident in the progress throughout the project."

Brent Chavez

Vp of product At SecureClose

"The response time on delivering our projects was always on time and exceeded our expectations."

Ajmal Sardar

CEO of Roadsider

"They run a simple, cost-effective, and transparent process that helped us (as first-time users of such a service) to navigate our project easily."

James Turner

Co-Founder, Grup technologies

Asked Questions

How do you reduce hallcinations in AI?

Our in house experts use custom training and advanced adjustment techniques to make hallucinations a very rare occurrence.

What does Anatomize do to make AI unique?

Our AI is built by in house experts, tested to reduce hallucinations and make sure it's very tamper resistant, and finally applied to your business use case in a sensible way. Every AI application has a custom use case and goal, and we make sure those are clear and achievable objectives from the beginning.

Is Anatomize AI safe for my customers?

Yes, we process the data locally and make sure that any data sent to a 3rd party for processing is encrypted. We also train and routinely test to make sure the AI itself resists user manipulation.

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